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When someone completes the Leadcapture form you receive an email containing their details and the visitor is sent directly to your
chosen website

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MyFMBusiness Leadcapture Sample
  • MyFMBusiness When someone completes the form you receive an email containing their name, telephone number (optional) and email address.

    MyFMBusiness After completion of the form the visitor is directed to your MyFMBusiness website or any website of your choice.

    MyFMBusiness Your Leadcapture page is mobile friendly

    MyFMBusiness Renewal fee - if you are forwarding to an active MyFMBusiness website then there is no renewal fee, otherwise it is £5 per annum.

  • Before you buy a website, prepare your content.

    1 Your details - Name, email address and website url / username
    the full URL / web address where you would like the visitor forwarded to

    2 Secret Word - For security purposes we will need your MyFMBusuness secret word. This is included in the original email confirming the MyFMBusiness website purchase.
    If you don't have a MyFMBusiness website then simply choose a new secret word.

  • MyFMBusiness If ordered WITH your MyFMBusiness website - £5 here

    MyFMBusiness If ordered AFTER your order for a MyFMBusiness website - £7

    MyFMBusiness No renewal fee as long as your main MyFMBusiness website is active.

    MyFMBusiness If you don't have an active MyFMBusiness website - £12.50 then £5 per annum renewal
    The MyFMBusiness username must be available (check here)

    MyFMBusiness The only time there would be an extra cost is if you decide to change something (see the FAQ below).

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Frequently Asked Questions..

What's the Cost?

(1) If ordered with your MyFMBusiness website the set up fee is £5 (A MyFMBusiness website with leadcapture page can be ordered here)
(2) If ordered separately from your MyFMBusiness website the set up fee is £7 (special offers may apply).
Your leadcapture page will remain active as long as your MyFMBusiness website is active.

(3) If you don't have an active MyFMBusiness website the set up fee is £12.50 then £5 per annum renewal
The MyFMBusiness username must be available (check here)

What are the costs for changes to my details?

There is a charge of £3 to change your Leadcapture page details. This charge only applies if you make a request after your leadcapture page has been set up.

What will the web address / URL of my Leadcapture page be?

Your Leadcapture page URL will look like this -
For example

Does my website include statistics?

Your Leadcapture page does not have statistics installed when set up.
However it is compatible with Google Analytics. Google do not charge for their Analytics service.

1) Set up a Google analytics account and email the relevant code to us via the support page (don't forget your secret word). We will then add the code to your leadcapture page for £3.

To set up Google analytics go to -

During setup you will be asked for your website address. The format for this is - plus your username

for example:

Are my details stored online by MyFMBusiness in a database somewhere?

No. The system does not use an online database to store your details.

Can I use a domain name with my MyFMBusiness Leadcapture page?

Yes. The system has been successfully tested with 123Reg and 1&1 forwarding (do not used 'Framed' forwarding)

Are the developers of MyFMBusiness members of any Networks?

No. The developers are not, and never have been, members of the FM Cosmetics network, or any other network.

Can I change my username?

Yes, but we will need to create and upload some new files, so there would be a cost of £7.

How long will it be before my leadcapture page is ready?

Once the payment process has been completed, your new leadcapture page will be created within 2 working days.

How will I know if my leadcapture page is ready?

Simply type your leadcapture web address into the address bar of your browser (not Google's search field). If your leadcapture page, displaying your details, it is ready!

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It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.
Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.